school uniformOur latest Hands of Hope project is a local one, with the new school term fast approaching we have been made aware of the need putting a strain on families in our borough. Right now many parents and carers are planning the uniform shop for their children but there are many families not having to plan this trip due to the fact that they simply cant afford to buy their child a new uniform. We all know how fast children grow but imagine having to send your child to school in a uniform that no longer fits them. So this project is to meet that need…

You can support this project in 2 ways

  1. If you are local and have any used school uniforms (but in decent condition)  you can donate these or if you feel you can buy an item to donate (shirt/polo/trousers/skirt) please contact us to arrange drop off or collection
  2. You can make a donation through pay pal to the Uniform fund and items will be purchased. To buy a shirt from a local supermarket will cost around £4 but any donation will make a difference

Thank you for supporting this project