This project seeks to bring a future and hope to those coming out of prison. With our partners out on the ground in Lilongwe we are making big plans to purchase land and build a farm to house and train boy on their release from juvenile prison. The farm would provide a safe working environment where skills could be learnt, food grown and sold and new skills developed

We have been supporting Clifford for a number of months by covering his school fees and other education expenses. Here is Clifford’s story

I was put in prison in April 2014 after the death of my father and mother. No one was there for me as my sister was struggling to feed her family and couldn’t accommodate me. I ended up joining a bad company that misled me to go and steal. I was caught and was fortunate not be killed on the spot as other people are in Malawi who are caught stealing. I met up with Rev Ireson (RBB trustee) in prison and I told him of my desire to become a lawyer and I want to provide free services to the less privileged

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