Christmas Food HampersAs part of our Hands of Hope project we are planning to help families in need in the UK. As more people are struggling and even living in food poverty in our nation we felt we wanted to help ease some of the pressure this Christmas by providing food hampers for local families in need. In recent days it has been reported that cases of malnutrition and other diseases mostly associated with the Victorian times are now soaring in the UK.

Our Christmas Campaign was very successful, many people donated via paypal and we had many local donations of food items and toiletries. Over 40 people were helped with staple cupboard items and Christmas treats. A family of 5 who have ended up in bankruptcy due to sickness just wept as they were given their hamper, a young couple said ‘we only had a good Christmas thanks to receiving the hamper, without it Christmas would have been pretty miserable. Thank you.’ On delivering a hamper it was seen that one of the families literally only had a tin of soup in the cupboard.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported this project.

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