Read some amazing accounts of people who have been touched and transformed by the power of God, including some life changing healings. Glory to God!

Completely Changed

Restoration Beyond Belief Ministries were visiting our town for the first time. As Claire was preaching she suddenly stopped walked over & spoke a word over my life. I began to cry as I felt the power of God, I couldn’t believe it & kept thinking ‘wow God has seen me, I matter’. Something happened & I suddenly felt like I was loved. It felt like something lifted & since then I have felt different, God brought change to my life. Since then I have felt happier & more confident. That weekend was a turn around for me. I thank God for all He has done & for this ministry.

Suicide Stopped

I had been given one of the RBB Bibles a few weeks before but to be honest it just sat on my side, I’d forgotten all about it and never even opened it. For years I’d battled depression and this one particular week it had become so dark and unbearable I needed it to end. I prepared everything to end my life, I even lined up all the photos of my children to say goodbye to them but then suddenly something caught my eye, it was the Bible. I went and opened it and had this sudden feeling that there had to be another way out, I prayed and asked God for help. The feeling lifted and I’ve not experienced that great darkness since. That Bible was used to literally save my life.

Family Restoration

Over the last few weeks RBB have been trying to support us as a family as we try and work through our son serving a prison sentence. Being his first time inside he & our whole a family were finding it very hard, stressful & heart breaking. We had contacted Richard & Claire for advice, support & prayer & they managed to get him visited. We thank God that within a week there has been a total turnaround with him, all anxiety has been lifted & he sounds like a different person & has started attending chapel & bible study in prison. Also that there has been some family restoration in our relationship with him.

Free From Addiction

We received a message about a man who responded when we were ministering in Norwich. He was alcohol dependent and homeless. After that night the church didn’t see him for a few weeks, when they saw him again he was completely free from alcohol and housed. He said on that night when he responded Jesus had set him free from addiction and got him somewhere to stay. The Pastor of the church said his life is transformed and they are now discipling him. He has brought three other people to church who all got Saved and are in discipleship too (each of them have got one of the bibles from your ministry Bible Project). Praise God things are happening and its all God.

First Time Fire

During a conference I responded for prayer, in my eighties I had been in church almost all my life. However something was different this time, something was new. As I was prayed with I felt what felt like waves hitting me, I then began to experience what felt like a fire surging through my body. It was incredible, God felt so close. My whole body began to shake but that didn’t concern me, I felt so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit I began to cry. I just remember saying “I have been in church my whole life and I have never felt this”. That experience changed me forever, I can not believe I have been missing out all this time.

The Deaf Hear

Richard and Claire had come to minister at our church for the first time, that morning they shared on not giving up. I had suffered with deafness for many years and had hearing aids in both ears. I had received prayer many times before and always left the same, I was encouraged by the message to ask for prayer again. As I was prayed with my body began to shake, I could feel heat through out my body. As I held my hearing aids in my hand suddenly as my body began to shake even more something cleared in my ear and I could suddenly hear. That morning I left church with my hearing aids not in my ears but I carried them out in my hands. Praise God!

The Lame Walk

I was at an event at a local church and had been worshiping  Gods presence was very evident during the worship time. I had heard of some miracles and thought I would respond for prayer. I had a bend in my leg that I had been born with, it caused me to walk with a constant limp and in the last 5 year I had been unable to walk without the aid of a stick. As I was prayed with the prayer team began to help me walk without my stick, after walking around for some time I began to tire. I was ready to quit but was given the word to keep going as they could see my leg was freeing up. Within minuets my leg straightened and then my knee freed up, I was walking unaided. I continued walking around at the end of the meeting my stick laying across the chairs but it did not stop there. Two weeks later my wife and I had our wedding blessed in our local church. I was able to walk up the isle with my wife hand in hand with no walking stick, all thanks to God!

My Miracle Baby

I had been told by Doctors it was impossible for me to have children, I had many tests and examinations to see if the problem could be resolved and even tried IVF treatment. Everything failed, I was so desperate and longed to be a mother and have my own child that I started to get depressed. I would ask Claire and Richard to pray every time I saw them and send messages whenever I had a check up. After a number of months and quite a few negative pregnancy tests I got my miracle. I couldn’t believe it a positive test, I was so excited and emotional. I knew this had to be God, this had to be my miracle! When I saw the scan of my baby and saw the little heart beat I again filled with an overwhelming excitement and joy.

Holy Spirit Filled

Whilst on a visit to a Young Offenders Institute we were asked to visit some young men individually who could not attend the service in the chapel where we had shared on the power of God. On speaking with one young man he began to ask many question about this, we shared with him about being filled with the Holy Spirit and about the gift of tongues. In front of our eyes we saw a hunger begin to grow within him and we offered to pray with him, right there on the wing of the prison this young man was filled with the Spirit and he began to speak and pray in tongues. It was such an awesome sight to see and witness in a place that is often so spiritually hard. Praise and Glory to God!

Cancer Free

I asked for prayer for my cousin, he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was a very rare form and he was the youngest in the world to be diagnosed with this form. He wasn’t saved but knew I was and had asked me to get people to pray. He was prayed for and within a few weeks he went back to have tests, it all came back clear. We were all amazed even us who knew God healed were amazed and overwhelmed! Thanking God!

Free At Last

Over many years as a young child I was sexually abused this caused me to grow up feeling so insecure, unclean and unworthy of love. Although I came to know Christ as a teenager still for years I could not receive His love or experience His presence. During one night in worship I felt the presence of God, I was prayed with and all the shame, rejection and the unclean feelings left me. I was free at Last and finally able to move on from my past. I am now living in total freedom and daily experience the pure love of Christ.

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