Journey’s END or JOURNEY’S End – Angie Lendon

This months guest blog is Angie Lendon. Angie is a Worship Leader, Songwriter and Speaker with a passion to usher in the presence of God through worship and to see peoples lives transformed by worship and the presence of God. A gifted teacher and inspirational speaker Angie has ministered in many local churches around the UK.


 A few years ago whilst planning our annual holiday we were discussing where to go. France seemed like a popular choice but my daughter Anna was unsure. We’d had a brilliant holiday in the South of France a couple of years previous. We drove to keep the cost down and it took us a significant number of hours to arrive at our destination. For Anna this was the worst part of the holiday. She wanted to be there and spent the whole time focused on the destination. If you ask her about the journey she cannot recall much except that it was frustrating and took forever!!

This whole conversation got me thinking about our walk with God. When God gives us a vision it is all too easy to keep our focus on the vision and we forget to take time on the way to savour the journey.

God will use this time to develop and mould our character. There are lessons to be learned along the way that will be of great value when we “arrive”. Jesus had the greatest vision of all but He still had to grow and learn before he entered His destiny. David learned to fight off lions and bears in preparation for killing Goliath. He sharpened his musical skills while tending his flock in readiness for the days of choosing musicians for the temple.

You see the thing that we need to understand here is that we see only a small part of God’s plan whereas He sees it all. When I get frustrated at the slowness of things moving forward God will gently but firmly remind me that HE is doing immeasurably more than I could ever hope or imagine. Just because I can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

The danger of being so wrapped up in the destination is that we miss the beauty of the journey. On the road to Emmaus the two followers of Jesus very nearly missed the fact that He was with them. It wasn’t until they broke bread together that they recognised Him. So much time wasted when they could have been rejoicing in His presence asking Him questions and enjoying His company. I know I am guilty of wasting time fretting about things when He is always ready and willing to spend time talking and encouraging me.

The bible tells us that many are called but few are chosen. It takes stamina and patience to walk the narrow road. There are no easy ways to complete it. To try and cut corners and avoid challenges is to walk in a desert that is dry and shrivelled. But to walk the narrow road is to live on the edge with Jesus. To experience a great adventure. Always being led by the shepherd. Being guided by His “rod and staff”.

Joseph understood all about the journey to his dreams. It took long and difficult twists and turns that would test the strongest of believers. However Joseph knew to stand on the promises of God. He retained his integrity and did his best in whatever situation he found himself. I’m not sure that I could turn my hand the way he did when thrown in jail. but you see Joseph took every experience as a lesson learned to be used when he arrived at his destination. When his brothers were begging at his feet for mercy he had the compassion having been in that very situation himself.

Let’s be aware that every experience that we walk through is a tool for future success. They are lessons God teaches us that we can use at our destination.

My advice: take time to smell the roses. Let’s keep our eyes open even when it gets a little bit scary. We don’t want to miss a thing!!

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