This winter our project is all about staying warm, with almost 4 million children living in fuel poverty in the UK it wasn’t difficult to know where we needed to focus our latest project. A recent report has shown there are links between children living in cold homes and suffering a range of health problems, such as asthma and bronchitis. With this problem being highlighted and after some research we felt we could focus on making a difference this winter time.

Our project is simple, we want to focus on ‘Warm Hands, Warm Hearts’ by providing practical help in the form of gloves, hats, scarfs and coats. You can support this project a number of ways

DONATION – Make a donation towards the fund with our pay pal button

NEW – If you live local please consider buying an extra item to donate (gloves, scarf, hat etc) when you are shopping or if you can knit why not use your skill and knit a scarf.

USED – if you have any used items that are in good, usable condition please contact us here