Identity Theft

But there is good news, great news even. The truth is you can have your identity restored, you can do something about it. Whilst I believe each of us need a true revelation of this that can only come through the Spirit of God, I have found in my own...

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Make A Difference

On our first visit to Zambia in 2011 we witnessed the great and vital work of Children in Crisis Africa (CiCA). We saw that a small amount of sponsorship can help to transform a life and bring great hope. Since then we have supported the work of CiCA as much...

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david hadden

Trained and Skilled – David Hadden

This months guest blog is from David Hadden. David and wife Ruth are part of the leadership team at All Nations Church, Leicester with responsibility of leading the worship team. David is a singer, songwriter and his worship songs have been used extensively in churches over the last number of decades. David functions with a prophetic anointing...

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Love On Purpose

It has taken me a while to realize that the true love of Father God, the deep love of loving no matter what is not something you always feel but more something you choose to do. Also that much of the time we think we automatically love like Christ did/does,...

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barry woodward

Align with Your Assignment – Barry Woodward

This months guest blog is from Rev.Barry Woodward. Barry is the founder and director of Proclaim trust, he is an accredited travelling minister with the Assemblies of God denomination and is also an associate evangelist with J. John of the Philo Trust. Barry is the author of ‘Once an Addict’ and has a...

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