Evangelist Claire AshbyIn 2001 Claire found herself in a depressed, desperate state and on the edge of suicide. Struggling with utter hopelessness, battling fear of people and at times debilitating panic attacks Claire cried out to God in a simple prayer. Within just a matter of hours Claire experienced a life changing encounter with the presence of God where she was instantly set free.

Just one year later Claire was serving full time in church working with young people, schools work, prisons work and all aspects of ministry. Very soon it became evident that Claire would minister and preach not just in local church but to many around the world. Claire began to have a burning passion and hunger for Gods presence and would spend hours just seeking Him. 
Invites began to come in for Claire and Rich to preach and in 2008 Restoration Beyond Belief Ministries was formed, seeing God move RBB witnessed many saved and miraculous healings. Since then Claire has had the great honor to preach and teach at churches and conferences around the UK, Europe and also in many parts of Africa.
Claire and husband Richard continue to travel the world sharing their life transforming stories, preaching the gospel and seeing the Holy Spirit move with mighty signs and wonders.